Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chaos as JKUAT pharmacy students refuse to register for their newly formed organisation.... They DONT have money

       It was not until recently that we saw Jkuat getting into yet another milestone. Yeah, thats right. Just after introducing the prestigious pharmacy course in their Juja main campus, they got another college dubbed COHES. (College of Health Sciences). And yes, the Bachelor of Pharmacy course falls under this college. 

Some of the pioneer pharmacy students have just founded an organization for the learning pharmacists. JPSA has gone to be its acronym. Its full identity is JKUAT Pharmacy Students Association. The learning pharmacists, the 'daktaris'  (as they are fondly called by their university counterparts taking other courses) are members of the associaton by default, but oh!, wait a minute. For registration, they are required to give out Kshs 200 as the registration fee followed by Kshs 100 as the renewal fees per semester. Basically, it means they have to make a deduction of Kshs 200 from their budget so as to register for the association. According to the association's vice chairperson, Maruku Erick, only Kshs 400 (300 + 100 renewal fees per sem) ) is what they expect every student to hand in to their treasurer as the full registration fees anually.

 The Kenyan Daily Post can now authoritatively report that some of the 'daktaris' have no money to pay for the so outlined registration fees. Well, the 'daktaris' however have made a plea to the officials of the organization. They want the fee reduced since their  HELB bank accounts are empty. Sources from the HELB team have revealed to the Kenyan Daily Post that their records show that these 'daktaris' are on long holiday and not in session which is not the case. The 'daktaris' claim that they don't have money for registration and they will do so once HELB recognizes them by making their bank accounts not read a balance of Kshs 0.00. Okay, well, it will be interesting to see how this will end up and from our editorial team, we wish  the 'daktaris' and their newly formed association all the best.

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